Poland starts, Israel and Malta continue!

Poland will start their national selection today, where in Malta and Israel the group of possible contestants becomes smaller and smaller.

Poland will have it’s first semifinal of the show Szansa na sukces this afternoon at 15.10 CET. It will be transmitted via TVP2, but it is not known whether there will be a live stream on the internet or not. We keep you updated. 
Seven artists will compete. They will all present an Abba-song. Three of them will head to the final on 23 february.

  • Patryk Skoczyński 
  • Emilia Sanecka
  • Julia & Wiktoria Szlachta
  • Kasia Dereń
  • Amelia Andryszczyk
  • Sargis Davtyan
  • Maja Hyży

Maja Hyży also took part in the 2018 national final.

Yesterday, Israel choose two finalists for it’s national selection Hakokhav Haba L’Eurovizion. Today, the other two finalists will chosen by duels. The show will start at 20:15 CET and can be watched here. The four contestants are:

  • Gaya Shaki
  • Moran Aharoni
  • Orr Amrani-Brockman
  • Raviv Kaner

And the last one tonight is Malta, with a new episode of X-Factor Malta. The show starts at 21.00 CET and can be watched here. Like in Israel, Malta will decide who will participate in the final next Saturday. The participants tonight will be:

  • Destiny Chukunyere
  • Yazmin & James
  • Bloodline
  • Justine Shorfid
  • Kyle Cutajar
  • F.A.I.T.H.



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