Five countries will act tonight

No less than five countries will show at least something today.

Moldova starts today. You can watch the live auditions at 14:00 CET here, where 35 artists will perform, in order to make a selection for the national final. 35, while 36 songs are in the race: Angel Kiss perform to songs. 

Norway continues with their semifinals. The show will start at 19:50 CET and can be watched here. The fourth one will contain four songs again, performed in duels:

  • Hege Bjerk, “Pang”
  • Magnus Bokn, “Over the sea”
  • Nordic Tenors, “In this special place”
  • Oda Loves You, “Love who we love”

At 20.00 CET also Israel will have another show: a semifinal of  Hakokhav Haba l’Eurovizion! You can watch it here. Four artists will perform and only two of them will head to the final….   The four artists performing tonight are:

  • Eden Alene
  • Ella-Lee Lahav
  • Lali Kolishkin
  • Ohad Shragai

Lithuania will also have a semifinal at 20:00 CET, which can be watched here and here.  It’s the first of three semifinals. The contestants tonight are:

  • KaYra, “Alligator”
  • Viktorija Miškūnaitė, “The ocean”
  • Baltos Varnos, “Namų dvasia”
  • Rūta Loop, “We came from the sun”
  • Gabrielus Vagelis, “Tave čia randu”
  • The Roop, “On fire”
  • Kristina Jure, “My sound of silence”
  • Alen Chicco, “Somewhere out there”
  • Aistė Pilvelytė, “Unbreakable”

And last, but not least: Melodifestivalen, the Swedish national final.  This contest also starts at 20:00 CET and can be watched here. Seven songs compete. Two will head directly to the final, while two other songs will go to “Andra Chancen”, the second chance festival of Melodifestivalen.

  • The Mama’s, “Move”
  • Suzi P, “Moves”
  • Robin Bengtsson, “Take a chance”
  • Malou Prytz, “Ballerina”
  • OVÖ, “Inga problem”
  • Sonja Aldén, “Sluta aldrig gå”
  • Felix Sandman, “Boys with emotions”

The Mama’s and Robin Bengtsson already have been at the Eurovision stage: The Mama’s last year as the backing choir of John Lundvik, Robin Bengtsson represented Sweden in 2017 with the song “I can’t go on”.  Malou Prytz became last in the final in 2019. Sonja Aldén has taken part as a songwriter several times, but as a singer we saw her in 2007 and 2012. Felix Sandman was in the final twice before: in 2017 with the boyband FO&O, in 2018 he was the runner up as a solo singer.


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