Elisa will represent Portugal

The contestant that will represent Portugal is Elisa. That is the result of the last national final in the season, Festival da Canção 2020. will sing “Medo de sentir”, a song written and composed by Marta Carvalho. Below the full result:

  1. Elisa, “Medo de sentir”, 20 pts.
  2. Bárbara Tinoco, “Passe-partout”, 18 pts.
  3. Filipe Sambado, “Gerbera amarela do sul”, 16 pts.
  4. Kady, “Diz só”, 15 pts.
  5. Jimmy P, “Abensonhado”, 13 pts.
  6. Tomás Luzia, “Mais real que o amor”, 11 pts.
  7. Throes + The Shine, “Movimento”, 11 pts.
  8. Elisa Rodrigues, “Não voltes mais”, 7 pts.


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