Chantal Janzen: funny, but sharp!

You know what people do when they hear they are going to host Eurovision? They scream! But Chantal Janzen never screams, she admitted in tv-show “De Wereld Draait Door”. So, it was her 10 yo son’s conclusion: something very nice must have happened.

Chantal Janzen is an actress, musical star, singer and tv presenter. She works for commercial broadcaster RTL and host shows like “Chantal is sleeping over”, “The boys against the girls” and “Everybody dance now”.

Chantal sings Hazes, 2013

Chantal Janzen already knows how to host a big show. She hosted the ‘Gouden Televizier Gala’ three years in a row. And that is still the nightmare of hockeyplayer Fatima Moreira de Melo. In the show, Moreira de Melo sang a song and well, that was not the best performance of the night. After the performance, Chantal added, “Wow, she can PLAY HOCKEY, that girl!”.

In the same show, eight years later, she won a prize. She was introduced by someone who imitated our prime minister Mark Rutte, but the guy was not the funniest one of the night. When Chantal appeared, the first thing she said was “Okay, enough fun!”.

Conclusion: Chantal has a sense of humor, and she is sharp!



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