Athena Manoukian wins in Armenia!

Athena Manoukian has won the Armenian final. She will represent country in Rotterdam. The full results are:

  1. Athena Manoukian, “Chains on you”, 168 pt.
  2. Erna Tamazyan, “Life faces”, 120 pts.
  3. Vladimir Arzumanyan, “What’s going on?”, 118 pts.
  4. Miriam Baghdasaryan, “Run away”, 108 pts.
  5. Gabriel Jeeg, “It’s your turn”, 99 pts.
  6. Tokionine, “Save me”, 96 pts.
  7. Sergey & Nikolay Arutyunov, “Ha, take a step”, 96 pts.
  8. Eva Rida, “No love”, 84 pts.
  9. Karina EVN, “Why?”, 84 pts.
  10. Agop, “Butterflies”, 75 pts.
  11. Arthur Aleq, “Heaven”, 65 pts.
  12. Hayk Music, “What it is to be in love”, 57 pts.



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