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Tamara Todevska


Name:Tamara Todevska
Nationality:North Macedonian
National finals:Skopjefest 2008
ESC entries:Proud (2019)
Let me love you (2008)



Tamara Todevska is a North Macedonian singer. She is the sister of Tijana Dapčević.
In 1991, at the age of 6, she performed at the prestigious Makfest Festival, along with then-famous singers Marianna and Rosana. In 1997 She took part in Skopje Fest together with her sister Tijana. In 2001, Tamara began her solo career with the single “Dali znam”. She performed at the Sunčane Skale Festival in Herceg Novi in ​​2002 and won third place. A follow up for “Dali znam” was released: “Mesečar” . She received several awards that year. Together with her mother Branka she won the 3rd prize at “Ohrid Fest”. A year later, Tamara won an award for best song at Makfest with the song “Nemirna”. She recorded a duet with the then megapopular hip hop group 187, a controversial song called “Seks”, which became a huge hit. In 2004, Tamara first entered the Eurovision stage as a backing vocal for Toše Proeski.
In April 2005 she released her first album “Sino”. The next year “Sino” was named album of the year. Together with Vrčak she received the first prize at Makfest in 2006. The collaboration with Vrčak continued with „Loša devojka” , which became a big hit in Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia. In 2007 again with a song Tamara takes second place at the Skopje Fest, the North Macedonian national selection.
In 2008 Tamara, Adrian Gaxha and Vrcak represented North Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Let me love you”. After a tour through Australia, Tamara returned with songs written by Kaliopi. In 2009, at the Budva Fest, Tamara performed “Šarena pesma”. In 2011 she recorded a duet with Vlatko Ilievski. In 2012 she planned a new tour famous DJs from North Macedonia (Zoki-Baby and Mazi).  In 2013, Tamara participated in Skopje Fest, in that year not the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest.
In early 2014, Tamara was awarded “Singer of the Year” at the prestigious Zlatna Bubamara na popularnosta show.  She also took part in Makfest again.
2015 is a successful year for Tamara. She launches a pilot single on her long-awaited second album, “Eden den” The single is entitled “Sovršen kraj”. Two weeks later, on July 15th, Tamara’s long-awaited album comes out after 11 years. The album contains 13 tracks. With this album, Tamara announced her big solo concert that took place later that year. In November 2015, at the MARS Radio Festival, the song “Frazi ljubovni” was awarded the absolute hit of the year.
On February 18 2016, during Zlatna Bubamara na popularnosta, Tamara won no less than three awards. The album is awarded for Album of the Year, and the other two awards are for concert and singer of the year. In 2019, she represented North Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest again, with the song “Proud”. She became the winner of the expert juries and reached an overall 7th place, the best score ever so far for North Macedonia. In december of that year, she released a follow up song, “Monsters”.


Country:North Macedonia
Artist:Tamara Todevska

Kosta Petrov
Sanja Popovska


Darko Dimitrov
Robert Bilbilov
Lazar Cvetkoski

Backing Vocals:Antonia Gigovska
Aleksandra Janeva
Vasil Garvanliev
Results Semi
Running order:17
Running order 8
Country:North Macedonia
Groupmembers:Tamara,Vrčak and Adrian
Song:Let me love you
Lyrics:Rade Vrčakovski
Composer(s):Rade Vrčakovski,Kire Kostov
Backing Vocals:Nada Talevska, Aleksa Raifović en Toma Đorđević.
Results Semi
Running order:18
Running order:
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