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Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman


Name:Toni-Ville Henrik Virtanen
Sebastian Rejman
National finals:Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2019
ESC entries:Look away (2019)



Ville Virtanen, better known as Darude, was born 17 june 1975 in Eura in the south of Finland. He started making music during his study. Virtanen released his first single “Sandstorm” in Finland on October 26, 1999 and was immediately successful there. The record was also released in other countries in 2000 in a re-release and became a hit there too. Meanwhile, his first album “Before the storm” was released”. He was able to start a world tour in 2001. He released the singles “Music” and “Next to you” in 2003, tracks from the album “Rush”. This album was followed by heavy tours, among others through the United States. The 3rd album, “Label this!”, was not a great success. However. Darude kept on touring throughout Europe and the United States.  Nowadays he still plays in the United States.

Sebastian Rejman (born January 13, 1978), is a Finnish singer, actor and presenter. He is known as the singer-guitarist of the band The Giant Leap. With Petri Somer he wrote all the songs of the band. After Giant Leap quit performing and recording, Sebastian formed a new band called Sebastian & The 4th Line Band. In addition to the songs of The Giant Leap, Rejman and Somer wrote a song called “Hauraalla jäällä” for Magic Moon. Since 2012, Rejman has also been a TV presenter as he co-hosted Talentin with Lorenz Backman. Since then, he has hosted a tv-show called Splash and worked as a backstage reporter for The Voice of Finland. In 2014, he co-hosts Jukebox  and We Want More He starred in a movie in 2017. Since 2018, he has acted in a hospital series. Rejman is engaged to actress Iina Kuustonen and they have two children, a boy born in September 2016 and a daughter born in January 2019.

Together with Sebastian Rejman, Darude represented Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel


Artist:Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman
Song:Look away

Sebastian Rejman

Ville Virtanen


Sebastian Rejman

Ville Virtanen

Backing Vocals:Petri Somer, Matti Leino, Heini Ikonen
Dancers:Etel Röhr
Results Semi
Running order:3
Running order:
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