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Conan Osíris

Name:Tiago Miranda
National finals:Festival da Canção 2019
ESC entries:Telemóveis (2019)



Conan Osíris is a Portuguese singer, born as Tiago Miranda in Lisbon, He lived in the neighborhood of Santa Maria dos Olivais and later moved to Cacém. After high school, he completed a degree in Communication Design and Audiovisual Production at the Higher School of Applied Arts of the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco. He started his musical career in 2008 when he created the group Powny Lamb. In 2011 they launched the EP Cathedral through the Soundcloud platform. In 2012 he began working at one of the stores of a well-known Portuguese sex shop chain. Tiago Miranda later decided to use the stage name of Conan Osiris – “Conan” as a reference to Conan – The Boy of the Future, and “Osiris” because of the respective Egyptian god. He used the name for the first time in the song “Secluded” in the 2013/2014 fashion show at ModaLisboa. In 2014 he also released ab ?EP with the title “Silk”. In 2016, he released his first album “Música, Normal”. A year later he co-wrote the album  “Emocional” for Rita Moreira.
On 30 december 2017, he released the album “Adoro Bolos”, which quickly became a cult piece. Thanks to the success of his second album “Adoro Bolos” he could give up his job, to work full time in his musical career. In 2019 Conan Osíris represented Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Telemóveis”.


Artist:Conan Osíris
Lyrics:Conan Osíris
Composer(s):Conan Osíris
Backing Vocals:Patrícia Silveira
Patrícia Antunes
Dancers:João Reis Moreira
Results Semi
Running order:15
Running order:
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