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Atlantis 2000

Group members:Alfons Weindorf
Jutta Niedhardt
Clemens Weindorf
Eberhard Wilhelm
Helmut Frey
Klaus Pröpper
National Finals:Ein Lied für Rom 1991
ESC Entries:Dieser Traum darf niemals sterben (1991)


Atlantis 2000 was the name of a music project by the German producer Alfons Weindorf and musician and songwriter Helmut Frey. The group was established in late 1990 in Munich for the participation in “Ein Lied für Rom”, the German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 199. Other members of the group were next to Frey and Weindorf Jutta Niedhardt, Klaus Pröpper, Clemens Weindorf and Eberhard Wilhelm. The song composed by Weindorf and texted by Frey “Dieser Traum darf niemals sterben” won the contest at the first all-German national final in Berlin’s Friedrichstadtpalast with 18.5 percent of the jury votes. The surprising choice of the 1,000 television viewers who were selected  to vote already met with the displeasure of the spectators during the event, who acknowledged the result with boos. At the 36th Eurovision Song Contest in Rome, Hermann Weindorf performed as a conductor. Atlantis 2000 scored points only from three countries, finishing in 18th place out of 22 participants. After the Grand Prix, the group broke up. Another title of Atlantis 2000 is “One Day”. The song was released on their single.


Artist:Atlantis 2000
Song:Dieser Traum darf niemals sterben
Lyrics:Helmut Frey
Composer(s):Alfons Weindorf
Conductor:Hermann Weindorf
Running order:17
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