Road to Rotterdam: Cyprus

Cyprus thanked Sandro Nicolas, who would participate in 2020, for services rendered. Instead, they teamed up with Athens-born Elena Tsagrinou.That...
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Road to Rotterdam: Ireland

Irish Lesley Roy had 2 hits in the United States in 2008. After that she was mainly busy writing songs...
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Road to Rotterdam: North Macedonia

When Vasil Garvanliev is on the podium for North Macedonia, he will be relieved. He was already there as a...
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Road to Rotterdam: Australia

Montaigne's real name is Jessica Cerro. She started singing 9 years ago, but she had to finish school first. After...
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Road to Rotterdam: Sweden

The Swedish candidate usually attracts a lot of attention. That's because the Swedish preselection, Melodifestivalen, is watched by many people,...
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Road to Rotterdam: Russia

For a long time, Russia was very secretive about the submission. In the end, Manizha's "Russian woman" was chosen from...
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Road to Rotterdam: Slovenia

Ana Soklič has been active as a singer since 2004. Initially she was performing under the flag of the project...
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Road to Rotterdam: Lithuania

The Roop is a three-man band from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. They had previously participated in the Lithuanian preselection for...
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Road to Rotterdam: United Kingdom

James Newman was supposed to represent the United Kingdom last year with the song "My last breath". The BBC was...
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Patrick Juvet passed away

Swiss pop star Patrick Juvet has died at the age of 70. His manager announced this news today. Juvet was...
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About Quick Facts NameManizha Dalerovna Khamraeva Born8 july 1991 Nationality🇷🇺 Russian National SelectionYevrovidenie 2021 In EurovisionRotterdam 2021 SongRussian woman (2021) Biography Manizha is a Russian

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About Quick Facts NameRafał Brzozowski Born8 june 1981 Nationality🇵🇱 Poland National SelectionKrajowe Eliminacje 2017 In Eurovision2021 Rotterdam SongThe Ride (2021) Biography Rafał Brzozowski, born in

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About Quick Facts NameTousin Chiza Born01 january 2001 Nationality🇸🇪 Swedish National SelectionMelodifestivalen 2021 In EurovisionRotterdam 2021 SongVoices (2021) Biography Tusse is a Swedish/Congolese singer, born

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